Confindustria - Fab Food - Expo Milano 2015

Confindustria - Fab Food at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Bertrand Riedin

The exhibition "Fab Food. The Italian taste factory" is an initiative promoted by Confindustria, the Italian industrial confederation, with the participation of the Ministry of Health and ten partner federations and associations, including Federchimica and Federalimentare.
Italian food and farming system is unique
Fab Food is a unique experience, proposing innovative and effective solutions for one of the main challenges facing our planet.
Games revealing the difficulties faced by our planet
The exhibition is spread over ten zones, and is designed primarily for young people, schools and families, offering visitors both an individual and collective, interactive and emotionally involving experience.
The pavilion starts with the Food Zone and the Wish Juke Box, where visitors can play at choosing their favourite dishes, earning a sticker with their dish that can be used at the end of the visit.

On the upper floor, the public can learn more about food and its complexity, through "Objective Safety", which explains the different phases of food production, showing possible mistakes and what the industry should do to correct them.

In the last room, Feeding the Planet, the carousel invites visitors to face the problems related to the Expo Milano 2015 theme and their possible solutions, emphasising that the more people collaborate together, the more feasible the solutions to the planet's problems become.