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Coldiretti - Expo Milano 2015

Coldiretti at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Bertrand Riedin

In the Coldiretti Pavilion, farmers build a direct, lively and concrete relationship with visitors in an environment marked by the smells, colours, lights, difficulties and harmonies of the Italian countryside.

At the same time, a variety of companies present their products and the work required to obtain them.

The Pavilion is said to be "primates" of our agriculture, enhancing its "roots", the places, the stories, the choices that have generated them, the link with the territory, the people who take care of them, the young people who will renew the territories and the biodiversity to feed them, the techniques, the innovations, the communities that feed themselves.

A huge inscription "No farmers no party" designates the Temple of the Coldiretti, at the beginning of the Cardo on the opposite side of the Tree of Life, easily recognizable by the faces of real farmers that cover the entire outer walls.
A unique representation that is meant to be a fitting recognition of the work of 2.5 billion producers around the world who are committed every day to trying to ensure food security for all and to protect quality and environmental safety.

There is no food and no life without the hard work in the countryside. The images of Italian farmers gathered from all over the peninsula bear witness to a profession that has the responsibility to feed the world.

A glimpse of the truth that characterises the presence of Coldiretti is also found inside the pavilion where visitors can enjoy the experience of a total immersion in the countryside that involves all the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.
The aim is to tell the story of the link between Italian society and its farmers, highlighting the multiple roles they play: makers of goods, guardians of the beauty of the Italian countryside, innovators, drivers of local communities, economic actors of Made in Italy that creates wealth and jobs for all.

Italy has more than half a million farmers who produce the best of Made in Italy every day and who are the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree of Life.