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City of Antwerp -

City of Antwerp at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939
Architect(s) : Van Averbeke

The city of Antwerp, the terminus of the Albert Canal, wanted to be represented in a dignified manner. Its pavilion was important.

Designed by the city's architect, Mr. Van Averbeke, its architectural lines were sober. A very classical peristyle protected the entrance. A series of well-treated bays, built in front of the building, were distinguished by their modern lines.

A fine bas-relief, representing the arms of Antwerp, discreetly decorated the main façade.

It was one of the best designed pavilions of the Exhibition.

The participation of the City of Antwerp, which we have already mentioned, related more specifically to the classes of ports, maritime navigation and shipbuilding.

However, it deserves to be mentioned here, because the important installations of the port of Antwerp, particularly highlighted in the pavilion, constitute an attraction of the highest interest for Belgian and foreign tourists. In addition, the city was keen to exhibit some of its long-established artistic wealth.

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