International Water Technology Exhibition in Liege 1939

May 20, 1939 - September 2, 1939

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City of Ostend

City of Ostend at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939

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Architect(s) : Van Coillie

The city of Ostend also had its own pavilion. Although modest, it was treated with great originality by the architect Van Coillie.

A polychrome bas-relief and the large flag on top of the pavilion were eye-catching.

Ostend, which owes more to water than any other city in the country, and to which the fishing port, the commercial port and the health resort provide its main resources, also had to take a place of honour at the Exhibition. That's why it had gathered in its pavilion an abundant documentation concerning its maritime, balneal and thermal installations. In other places in this report, the elements of this participation were recalled with regard to the activity of the port of Ostend. The quality of its spa and drinking water was also mentioned.

From the point of view of tourism, the city wanted to show the improvements made to its bathing facilities and the construction of its magnificent Palais des Thermes. It had no trouble showing the grandeur and attractiveness of its beach with the many social and sports attractions that have made it famous.

Ostend remains the Queen of the Beaches!

© General Report - International Water Technology Exhibition - Liege 1939