Entrance to Bressoux - Expo Liege 1939

Entrance to Bressoux at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939
© Daniel
Architect(s) : I. Falise et Ch. Carlier

Located on the right bank, in the same axis as the main entrance, it was of great importance because of its proximity to the railway station created for the needs of the Exhibition. In addition, it commanded the avenue of the great palaces.

It was a huge canopy, with aerodynamic shapes, supported by six thin metal crutches on ball joints. This framework was firmly fixed to the ground by anchored cables.

The carriageways were delimited by simple flowerbeds with plenty of flowers. Ribbons with graceful curves connected the glass walls of the controls to the canopy. The wings, of very sober architecture, housed ticket distribution services. The area around the entrance was carefully planned to meet the requirements of the various public transport systems. Groups of white and blue banners enhanced this original metallic ensemble. It was a fine example of functional architecture.

© General Report - International Water Technology Exhibition - Liège 1939