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Press House - Expo Liege 1939

Press House at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939

This pavilion stands on the banks of the Meuse at a central point, at the foot of the main pylon of the cable car, opposite the shopping arcade and a few steps from the great Belgian and foreign palaces.

The total length of the facade exceeds 42 metres; a terrace overlooks the river and dominates the Esplanade d'Honneur.

The building includes a large editorial room with twenty cloakrooms and eight telephone booths. A ticket office connects this room with the office where the Régie des Télégraphes has installed its equipment.

As the public telephone exchange on the left bank is housed in the same hall, journalists can still use five additional booths when the eight private booths are all occupied. A belinograph is also in operation.

The other wing of the pavilion is reserved, on the one hand, for the offices of the president and the secretary of the Official Press Committee, and on the other hand, for the offices of the director, the head of department and the secretaries of the press and propaganda services of the Exhibition.

To complete this vast complex, they also provided a spacious reception hall, luxuriously furnished in Renaissance style, as well as a more intimate bar where journalists and other propaganda workers, of whom there are many in Liège, could meet.

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