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Entrance to Coronmeuse - Expo Liege 1939

Entrance to Coronmeuse at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939
© Sergysels
Architect(s) : Paul Etienne

During the study of the overall plan, the Place Coronmeuse was chosen as the main entrance. Its location and the importance of its accesses justified this decision. It commanded one of the Exhibition's major axes. The proximity of the Palais du Commissariat Général and the Grand Palais des Fêtes made it the entrance of honour.

It was composed of two very slender architectural ensembles, in the centre of which were installed the passageways and controls. Elegant 16-metre-high columns supported a slender platform whose slightly moulded ceiling housed the spotlights. The two peristyles were buttressed by buttresses extended at their base by wings containing the ticket distribution rooms, which were built in an arc that perfectly delimited the entrance area. These two wings were themselves terminated by two large light fittings of very modern design.

In front of the entrance, on the axis of the Quai de Coronmeuse, forming the pivot of the public transport terminal network, a huge 60-metre high spire, boldly planted, without any buttress or tie-rod, signalled the main gate in the distance. A lighthouse and light circles completed the impressive tower. At its base, a series of basins and flowerbeds surrounded by low walls made of beautiful straw-coloured bricks formed a refuge for pedestrians. At night, the projectors, very skilfully concealed, projected their light beams onto the brilliant whiteness of this beautiful architecture which, from the outset, made a wonderful impression on the visitor.

© General Report - International Water Technology Exhibition - Liège 1939