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Sports - Expo Liege 1939

Sports at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939
© Fumel
Architect(s) : Faniel, Jacquet, Foidart et Moineau

This modernised architecture, with its very classical proportions, was distinguished by the use of rounded corners and deep bays, producing a play of shadows that contrasted very well with the light colour of the façades. The façades were decorated with very discreet decorative paints, which were nevertheless sufficient to provide the necessary splash of colour.

The colonnade on the façade facing the Meuse was very attractive. Connected to the palaces by an elegant pier with changing rooms and sports facilities, a rotunda restaurant with large glass windows between columns completed this valuable ensemble.

Forming a single unit with the Fishing Pavilion (no. 29), Palace no. 28 of the Belgian Section was reserved for water sports equipment. Here, all types of sports boats were happily displayed, with accessories especially for water sports. Speedboats, canoes and oars were placed next to other small racing and pleasure boats. The interior decoration was particularly well thought out. Beautifully designed murals in praise of water sports ran all around the hall.

If this participation was successful, it should be pointed out that, in order to achieve a somewhat complete ensemble, it was necessary to call upon foreign products to a large extent. National production, which was lacking in the field of sports boats, was hardly represented at all, except for accessory items.

Thus, some Belgian exhibitors presented very complete and well-made collections of sports cups and trophies (Quintin, Bruno Wiskemann, Wolfers), medals, charms and badges (Fisch, Fonson), sports watches and chronographs (Kinsbergen), certain advertising items (posters from Imprimerie Bénard), etc.

It should be added that some of the objects relating to the subject in question were grouped together with the fashion articles at the Lido. This was the case, for example, with camping and outdoor equipment, which attracted a great deal of attention: we have already mentioned this in the previous notice.

All in all, the participation will have further highlighted how much Belgium is behind most other countries in the construction of sports equipment and especially boats.

© General Report - International Water Technology Exhibition - Liège 1939