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Water Garden - Expo Liege 1939

Water Garden at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1939
© Sentroul

The WATER GARDEN contained a profusion of varied and unusual motifs of remarkable artistic sense.

There were twenty-eight fountains in all, fourteen of which differed in their water and light effects. Three hundred of the most varied nozzles were illuminated by as many lamps as were powerful.

The mechanical installation consisted of three motor-pump groups whose characteristics were respectively as follows: 80 m3/hour, at 32 metres of pressure, 2,900 t/m; 675 m3/hour, at 20 metres and 1,460 t/m, and 415 m3/hour, at 8 metres and 960 t/m. The engines developed 16, 86 and 20 HP respectively.

It should also be noted that, apart from two fixed elements, all the fountains in this set could easily be moved at the architect's discretion.

Finally, the HÉMICYCLE closed the small river at its southern end (towards the entrance to Bressoux). Its architectural part consisted of a semi-circular crown-shaped basin to which two lateral basins led. The whole complex took on the appearance of a vast water theatre with, at the bottom of the central basin, a masterly cascade and, on the periphery of the side basins, a long series of small cove-shaped jets. The central basin was embellished by a powerful 78 millimetre diameter jet coming out of the nozzle and sixteen smaller candelabra-shaped jets. More than five hundred 500 W lamps and ten 1,500 W spotlights illuminated the ensemble.

The technical installation included three pumps whose characteristics were respectively: 1,880 m3/hour, 11 metres of pressure and 580 rpm (120 HP engine), 1,340 m3/hour, at 7 metres of head and 730 rpm (44 HP engine) and 360 m3/hour, at 22 metres and 1,460 rpm (52 HP engine).

© General Report - International Water Technology Exhibition - Liège 1939