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L'Esprit Nouveau - Expo Paris 1925

L'Esprit Nouveau at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925
Architect(s) : Le Corbusier et Pierre Jeanneret

If this pavilion, in the intention of its authors, is a demonstration to teach the public, which has forgotten it, the supremacy of construction over ornament, I approve of it with the reservation that there is nothing so new as they want to tell us; but if they want to persuade us with a violence that has nothing persuasive about it that a house is a "living machine", no.

A house is not a factory where people work and perform a few mechanical gestures, always the same ones, in order to earn a little paper money. A house must certainly respond to logic, reason, and common sense, and we find enough of these in our national and regional tradition, thank God, without asking for them from German-Swiss rationalism.

It is a place where the needs of bodies that are not glorious are satisfied; but it must also be a place of recollection, intimacy, feeling, sensuality, and the satisfaction of personal preference.

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