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Alma Gate - Expo Paris 1925

Alma Gate at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925
Architect(s) : M. Nathan

Article from the magazine "La construction moderne" of August 2, 1925

The Porte de l'Alma, which stands at the end of the bridge of that name and through which one enters the Parc de la Société Parisienne d'Attractions and the galleries reserved for transport (aviation, motoring, railways), is the work of Mr. Nathan.

This architect, who also composed all the details of the sculpture and carpentry himself, created a simple and elegant ensemble with a development of 17.5 metres. Two large octagonal pylons of ten metres in height with plain sides frame the central part in which a high and wide door opens, they are surmounted by a large sculpted and gilded decorative motif composed of flowers and foliage. Two other 6-metre high pylons frame two secondary doors on either side reserved for pedestrians: in contrast to the first, they are square and fluted and crowned by large, plain golden balls. The decoration is completed by an ornamented and sculpted moulding surrounding the central part and by a sculpted frieze in the same tone as the whole.

Finally, Mr. Nathan had the happy idea of providing shelters for the guards in charge of the entrances to the square pylons, thus avoiding the often unsightly and cumbersome use of guardhouses.