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Nancy area - Expo Paris 1925

Nancy area at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925
Architect(s) : Pierre Le Bourgeois et Jean Bourgon

The important artistic and industrial centre of Nancy and its region is represented at the exhibition by a large pavilion facing the Lyon-Saint-Etienne pavilion in the middle of the Esplanade. The architect is Mr. Pierre Le Bourgeois. Here are some interesting details, provided by one of the organisers of this pavilion:

"In the Nancy region, where the iron industry dominates, a building inspired by the architecture of iron was appropriate, a building that not only used this element, but also recalled the impressions, the visions of intense activity, of rough energy that characterize our regions.

"A large hall with iron columns and dome gives access to the exhibition rooms. The lintels bear friezes on metalwork, executed by the sculptor Bachelet.

In the centre of this hall, a fountain offers a perpetual flow of molten metal, and from the upper basin, through the play of light, the incandescent breath that crowns the blast furnaces is projected. The background of the industrial landscape of Lorraine is thus constantly evoked.

"Our art transcribes our realities aesthetically and, moreover, all our Nancy artists, who are among the initiators of the current movement, present their masterpieces in the salons.

"There are ensembles by Majorelle, large stained-glass windows by the master Grüber, friezes by Prouvé - whose son is the ironworker who executed the work - and by other artists.
whose son is the ironworker who made the entrance door, based on designs by Le Bourgeois - glassworks by Daum and Gallé. "

Finally, there are still mineral water bottles, whose labels and packaging have created a decorative effect that is both new and unexpected. As you can see, this is an excellent regional event.

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