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Fountain & Co. - Expo Paris 1925

Fountain & Co. at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925
Architect(s) : L. Süe et A. Mare

Two of our most renowned modern decorators, Messrs. Sue and Mare, have built, on behalf of one of our largest hardware manufacturers, a pavilion topped by a dome that looks like a model palace.

In addition to the modern works published by Fontaine, it contains stands occupied by two or three other firms. We have reproduced a certain number of knobs, handles and cremone bolts, the originals of which were also produced by Messrs Sue and Mare.

Alongside these purely decorative locksmith models, we will see others, perhaps less attractive in appearance, but destined to render the greatest services in certain commercial premises and especially in hotels.

The locks are combined in such a way that some keys open all the locks in the establishment, while others open only those on one floor, and still others have a more limited action.

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