International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, Paris 1925

Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts

April 28, 1925 - October 25, 1925

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Architecture Gallery

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It was hardly necessary to give a great development to the class of architecture, which is represented, moreover, at the exhibition, by all the pavilions which have been built a little everywhere on the reserved grounds. The architects were therefore content to send some perspective plans, others geometrical drawings, and still others models that would better show to the uninformed visitor what can be expected of modern architecture.

It is regrettable that the public cannot see some of the most beautiful and boldest monuments. These are not the work of real architects, but rather of marvellous planners. Important works of art in reinforced concrete have been built in recent years; one of the most audacious is, without doubt, the famous concrete bridge of Saint-Pierre-du-Vouvray, which, with a single span, crosses a space of one hundred and fifty metres. Other constructions, such as the immense airship hangars at Orly, are most characteristic. Their beautiful architectural effect is undoubtedly due to the strict application of calculations.

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