International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, Paris 1925

Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts

April 28, 1925 - October 25, 1925

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Lyon Saint-Etienne

Lyon Saint-Etienne at the Exhibition Paris 1925

Architect(s) : Tony Garnier

The two large industrial cities could not fail to be represented at the Decorative Arts Exhibition by an important pavilion. This pavilion is a rather long reinforced concrete construction,
but, for reasons of economy and especially demolition, it was built with an iron frame covered with plaster.

Its architect is M. Tony Garnier, from Lyon. The decorators who participated in the fitting out of this pavilion are all artists from Lyon or Saint-Etienne. In this building, one will mainly see the famous silks from Lyon, furniture ensembles, art objects and silverware. A large stand is devoted to specialities from Saint-Etienne.

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