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Street Arts - Expo Paris 1925

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Architect(s) : Alfred Agache

The decoration of our streets has so far been of little concern to the public authorities.

Yet we spend a good part of our lives away from home, and the classic promenade of the Grands Boulevards could be made much more attractive if private initiative were more widely supported.

The kiosks for various purposes, the signalling devices, the lighting devices could be completely transformed according to the principles of modern decoration.

This is what Mr. Gémier, who presides over the street art class at the exhibition, wanted to prove by showing us a modern street, with its shops, displays, posters, etc.

Curiously, the replacement for the street design, instead of being in the open air, as would have been logical, is perched on the first floor of the Grand Palais.

Despite the difficulties of such a location, the organisers have created a new setting for a seaside resort street at the height of the season.

There are a variety of shops: a mineral water company depot, a large blouse manufacturer's shop with a modern diorama and a doll department, a perfume shop, a food shop, etc...

The Union de l'Affiche Française participated in the decoration of this modern street and also presented a series of posters around the Great Staircase, which is on the left of the Grand Palais when you enter from Avenue Victor-Emmanuel-III. These posters are not only of advertising interest, but also of artistic value. They express the evolution of the country and reflect, to a certain extent, French thinking.

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