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Art and Paper Industry - Expo Paris 1925

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Architect(s) : Benedictus

This class does not include pulp manufacturers or manufacturers of paper and cardboard sheets, as this is a decorative art exhibition, where the raw material is only to be seen in its applications. Wallpaper is, of course, the most important product. It is a very prosperous industry, which is nowadays perfectly equipped and mechanically manufactures papers of very different qualities to meet the various needs of modern life: papers for bathrooms, kitchens, staircases, and also luxury papers for living rooms, boudoirs and dining rooms.

In addition to wallpapers, the class also includes all stationery with decoration: menus, announcements, securities and paper money, leaflets, playing cards, writing paper, postcards, etc... Lastly, it includes all decorated cardboard, which is so widely used by department stores, confectioners and chocolate makers. Decorators are allowed to be as imaginative as they like in this field, and today boxes and cardboard boxes are manufactured industrially which, although costing only a few pennies, are no less small works of art.

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