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Garden of the Pavillon des Alpes-Maritimes - Expo Paris 1925

Garden of the Pavillon des Alpes-Maritimes at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925

A marble paved patio, at the base of a graceful oval pergola supported by sixteen painted colonnades, serves as the entrance to the Pavillon des Alpes-Maritimes.

The farmhouse, its trellises, terraces and stoops are arranged around a magnificent chestnut tree whose shadows recall those of the beautiful plane trees of the Midi. Hydrangeas are planted in jars from Biot and Vallauris, and in the patio clearing, climbing roses and seasonal flowers.

Three fountains in this brief space: one, in the centre of the pergola, carrying a high basket of flowers, flanked by four bronze bas-reliefs and four low basins; another, an octagonal basin, a mirror carved in marble; another, a bas-relief engraved on the wall of the farmhouse: the work of the fields, fruit.

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