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Marrast Garden - Expo Paris 1925

Marrast Garden at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1925

The Marrast garden, with its profusely renewed floral decoration, solid masses of rhododendrons, thick clouds of hydrangeas, sheets of begonias, covers the two slopes of a small valley sinking under the trees and which is enlivened by the water gushing out of a flat basin with a gold mosaic.

A crescent-shaped basin where water lilies sleep collects the water for a while and lets it flow into a long, low gutter with a rim punctuated with marble prisms, luminous at night and full of flowers.

At the back, an octagonal end pool; red benches, pansied jars and a paving in opus incertum complete the very Latin look of this garden that a small golden faun by M. Sylvestre contemplates, enigmatic.

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