Universal and International Exhibition of Liege 1905

75th anniversary of national independence

April 25, 1905 - November 6, 1905

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Lifesavers of Belgium

Lifesavers of Belgium at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1905

As you walked along the Quai de Fragnée, which was bounded on one side by the side door of the Arena, towards the Rue du Vieux-Mayeur, you would notice the interesting exhibition of work by the pupils of the Institution des Aveugles, and, as you went down the aforementioned street, the square pavilion of the Sauveteurs de Belgique, flanked on each side by a small staircase and surmounted by a perron.

The Société des Sauveteurs de Belgique was responsible for providing a rescue service along the banks of the Meuse and Ourthe rivers throughout the Exhibition.

In this connection, we must remember the names of Messrs. Chaumont, Moûssoux and Van den Born, the devoted and authorised organisers of this important service.

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