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Coal Mine - Expo Liege 1905

Coal Mine at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1905

At the end of Old Liege the visitor finds the most interesting attraction of the Exhibition: the Coal Mine.

This is not, as some might think, a diorama.

It is an absolutely exact reproduction of an active mine. The visitor sits in a cage and in a few moments is lowered into the underground.

Under the guidance of a porter in working costume, he visits successively the drifts, the tracks and the pit where he sees the miners at work, in all 250 metres of galleries.

Before his eyes, all the machines were working: winches, drilling machines, cutting machines, all running on compressed air.

In the opinion of the engineers and directors of collieries who visited the Houillère, it is impossible to do better.

Those who have already visited an active mine will be struck by the accuracy of the reproduction; those who have never been able to do so, and perhaps will not be able to do so, will take away an absolutely complete idea.

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