Universal and International Exhibition of Liege 1905

75th anniversary of national independence

April 25, 1905 - November 6, 1905

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Upper Bavaria Restaurant

Upper Bavaria Restaurant at the Exhibition Liege 1905

To the left of him was an Eiffel Tower, reduced in size but of respectable height. This dominated the pavilion of a German mine-drilling company; next to it, the Upper Bavarian restaurant offered its yellow partitions where its gigantic sign was displayed. The interior of this restaurant reproduced the rugged configuration of a Bavarian village; sturdy tables, German beers served in heavy metal-lidded pints by waitresses in short skirts and small hats with mutinous green feathers, added the local and picturesque touch.

Dances, very characteristic, helped to cheer up the consumers. At the signal of the orchestra, a strong and lively guy and a pretty, strange girl with a piquant Andalusian look, started to dance.

They mimicked the hopes, shyness and boldness of love.

The subterranean river Styx surrounded the restaurant with its shadowy meanders.

Just outside the Bavarian restaurant was the Waterfall.

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