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The Loop - Expo Liege 1905

The Loop at the Exhibition Expo Liege 1905

Who does not know the Looping the Loop, imported from America?

In London, Paris and New York its vogue has been rapid and irresistible; it is because it is par excellence in the note of the present time of modem style; it comes at its hour, an hour when jaded imaginations and exacerbated bodies are avidly seeking new sensations. Not only do we need something new for our appetites for sport and pleasure, but we also need some spice of irreverent snobbery, of fantastic deliquescence.

The Yankee spirit, so inventive and outrageous, has understood this. What athletic, if not academic, games he has made fashionable! Yesterday it was his cake-walk, all the more astounding because it is at once a provocation of the woman, the triumph of her softened bosom and the most sensual treat for our eyes.

But what are we talking about the Cake-walk, I know many young girls and accomplished women who are resistant to these wiggles and frantic twists. Offer them the Looping instead. Ah! that Loop they love and for good reason!

The truth is that for the psychologist as well as for the observer there is a whole unexplored range, an unexpected jumble of sudden, successive sensations, striking in their contrast and which leave you equally fascinated and charmed! The carriage in which you take your seat and where you are protected from yourself by the kindly guardianship is a soft armchair. A moment to make yourself comfortable and the motive power that is going to throw you forward in a single bound is set in motion. The track is so smooth that you feel like you're in a feather bed, but the train is so fast that it's a sensation like no other to be transported through space at this dizzying speed.

No matter how happily one burns a cigarette or a cigar, the Loop overcomes the placidity of some as well as the defiance of others. It makes the whole being tremble, it stirs it up even in its most intimate folds, one plunges into the unreal... I am trying to translate so many ineffable pleasures but no image can do it, so quick, fleeting, opposed and confused are they! The best thing to do is to experience it yourself, an experience that offers no danger by going on the Loop trip to the magnificent and unique establishment on the Mativa quay, behind the Palais de l'Alimentation Française, where, to the sounds of an incomparable orchestra, you can joyfully complete the Loop.

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