Folklife Festival - Expo Vancouver 1986

Folklife Festival at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Ian Alexander Martin

Just steps away from the Expo Centre is the Folklife Plaza, where cedar buildings, boardwalks and a green courtyard provide a warm atmosphere.

The square offers more than 25 free performances daily that reflect the culture and traditions of Canada's Aboriginal and ethnic groups. From Native American dance to Newfoundland fiddling to modern song, there is no shortage of variety.

At La Grange, a traditional proscenium theatre, some 400 spectators come to hear Canadian folk music.

On the other side of La Place publique is La Grande Maison. This 300-seat theatre, with a roof supported by seven 20-metre beams, resembles the traditional West Coast Indian longhouse. Its large stage can accommodate dance and music groups.
There is also a third stage on the Public Square, the Culinary Festival with its wood-burning stoves, the Weaving Workshop and the Blacksmith's Shop, reserved for crafts, as well as two restaurants.

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