1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication - Vancouver - Expo'86

Transport and Communication

May 2, 1986 - October 13, 1986

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Canada Portal

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The Canada Gateway, located near False Creek, leads to the Canada Pavilion, located on Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Harbour. The largest Canadian flag (24 metres by 12 metres) adorns this entrance, at the very end of the world's tallest freestanding flagpole. A 62-metre hockey stick rests on the 86-metre mast. A gigantic hockey puck completes the ensemble.

The Portal itself is a circular enclosure bordered by maple trees. A large map of Canada showing the country's major cities is displayed. Hosts guide visitors to the special SkyTrain station on the other side of the Gateway, from which they can reach the Canada Pavilion free of charge in just four minutes.

The Canada Gateway is located at the northeast end of the site, between the Georgia and Dunsmuir Street overpasses, at the north end of Howe Street.

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