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Saskatchewan at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Ian Alexander Martin

A ten-storey tower, part grain silo, part potash mine, dominates the Saskatchewan pavilion and is its symbol. Clad in polished copper and silver glass, the tower houses lifts that take visitors up to a viewing deck 32 metres above ground. Before enjoying the view from the top, visitors learn about the history of grain handling on the prairies. On the way down, they feel like they are entering the depths of a potash mine.

In the pavilion, traditional rural life contrasts with the province's new role in modern communications. Saskatchewan manufactures state-of-the-art switches and satellite communication systems. It has the world's largest fibre-optic communications network.

In transportation, Saskatchewan has always been at the forefront with the first official airport and the first licensed pilot in Canada. The pavilion also features the "Mileage Maker", the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle.

The pavilion includes a two-storey auditorium with a restaurant. Hundreds of singers and dancers entertain visitors throughout the day and into the night. Artisans demonstrate the prestigious art of wheat braiding and the unique technique of "bark biting".

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