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Pavilion of Hope - Expo Vancouver 1986

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A majestic symbol, an 18-metre sculpted dove, dominates the entrance to the Pavilion of Hope, sponsored by Crossroads Communications Inc.

Inside, three mirror-covered rooms present The Scroll, a musical performance on the theme of communication between God and humanity.

The first room, a cubic mirror that reflects an infinite number of images, presents Creation with sound, laser, film and theatre.

The second room reflects the images in such a way that the screen resembles an enormous globe. The Scroll is now presented from a cosmic point of view.

The last room seems to create an infinite space by means of laser effects, screens and moving objects. And the Scroll ends with a vision of the future, a promise of peace and hope for the whole world.

A 300-seat open-air amphitheatre, from which the religious programme 100 Huntley Street is broadcast daily, also features musical performances.

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