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Earth Plaza - Expo Vancouver 1986

Earth Plaza at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Ian Alexander Martin

In Earth Square, a whimsical international traffic jam illustrates the world's most original means of transport and communication. Supermodified cars, beasts of burden, eighteen-wheeled trucks, oriental scooter-taxis, these means of transport have been chosen to seduce and surprise visitors to this square, one of the three thematic Dream Squares.

This square presents an amusing collection of means of transport with roads, drivers and passengers loaded with multicoloured luggage.

A jumble of road signs from all over the world adds to the confusion of the hustle and bustle; horns honking, music and multilingual protests. Sculptures of pedestrians dressed in local costumes wait beside the vehicles for the endless traffic jam to end.
Next to a statue of a policeman, real children play on a fantastic machine, winding the cranks, pushing the pedals, turning the steering wheels, honking and whistling.

The centrepiece of Earth Square is a 26-metre conical tower designed by Canadian sculptor Bill Lishman of Blackstock, Ontario. A spiral sculpture winds its way up the tower. Vehicles travel up the spiral, slowly breaking down into parts that combine to make way for human forms riding animals. The spiral ends with figures soaring into the sky above the tower.

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