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Canadian National - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The Canadian National pavilion is housed under a translucent canvas supported by a wire mesh 15 metres above the ground. The award-winning pavilion illustrates the theme of moving things and the importance of transporting goods and information in everyday life through an exhibition and circular cinema. By a happy coincidence, CN's 150th anniversary falls in the year of EXPO 86, which is dedicated to transport and communications.

Huge sculptures illustrate Newton's fundamental laws of motion. Nearby, exhibits illustrate the influence of these laws on CN's activities; others recall the railway that runs along Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence. This 23-kilometre long line was integrated into the Montreal-New York axis in 1936 and is still part of the CN network.

In the pavilion, a comprehensive chronological exhibition matches the evolution of transportation and communications with the social, cultural and commercial achievements of our world. The display occupies an entire tower and consists of 19 panels, each representing a decade since the 1800s.

The CN pavilion illustrates various facets of the transportation and communications world through the CN group of companies: CN Rail, CN Marine, CN Communications, CN Trucks and more than 20 others. Through films, videos, interactive models, live presentations and exhibits, CN delivers a fascinating and educational message.

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