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Highway 86 - Expo Vancouver 1986

Highway 86 at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Jasperdo

The sculpture HIGHWAY 86, which begins between the Ontario pavilion and the Canadian National pavilion, emerges from the sea like a huge undulating snake.

This four-lane highway is teeming with modern vehicles of all kinds. More than 200 cars, boats, bicycles, space capsules, aeroplanes and moon jeeps line the 217-metre-long grey sculpture.

Visitors can walk around this dreamlike construction and sit on the vehicles.

The contradictory feelings about technology in the '86s are reflected in this steel and concrete highway, which can be seen as a utopian or apocalyptic representation of the future or, as it rises from the sea, a humorous commentary on Darwin's theory of evolution.

This remarkable sculpture is a precious testimony for future generations. It was designed by S.I.T.E. Projects, Inc. of New York, a company known for its innovative architectural projects and use of public spaces as it uses social, psychological and environmental data to enhance communication between people. Boak Alexander Architects of Vancouver participated in the design of HIGHWAY 86; Ebco Industries of Richmond, B.C., participated in the construction.

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