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Ontario - Expo Vancouver 1986

Ontario at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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The Ontario pavilion is prominently located and includes a 2280 square metre exhibition area, a large cinema for 3D films, a restaurant, a trade show and an amphitheatre for popular entertainment.

The reception staff, dressed by top Ontario designers, will present fine crafts and technological innovations and will be available to assist visitors.

Experience, as if you were there, the different episodes of the province's history, from the time of the coureurs de bois to the current technological revolution, and attend a show in the peaceful setting of the amphitheatre's trees and flowers.

Transportation and communications is also the story of Ontario, from the waterways, roads, railways and bush airstrips that helped develop settlement and hold the land together. Alexander Graham Bell, with the invention of the telephone, ushered in a new era in communications.

This pavilion showcases the achievements of Ontarians and invites you to come and experience a fun and welcoming province.

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