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Switzerland -

Switzerland at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland overcame the obstacles posed by its terrain to become the hub of Europe. In the 19th century, civil engineering works enabled it to link northern and southern Europe by rail. The construction of the Gotthard and Simplon tunnels are the finest examples of this achievement.

The Swiss pavilion is located to the east of the Cambie Bridge, next to the Monorail, which the Swiss company Von Roll-Habegger Ltd. designed for the exhibition.

At the entrance to the pavilion, visitors will notice the 25-metre high watch, which symbolises not only the Swiss mechanical and electronic industry but also the punctuality of Swiss transport. This giant watch and all the official clocks at EXPO 86 are set to the time of the Neuchâtel observatory, whose signals are transmitted directly by satellite. Inside, a model of a new suspended railway for public transport, a prototype lift for the disabled, equipment for alpine rescue operations and new computer technology are on display.

A new film shows Swiss life and landscape.

Switzerland's achievements in transport and communications are no match for the brilliance of its Alpine landscape. For almost 700 years, four cultures and four languages have coexisted in Switzerland; French, Italian and German are the official languages of 6.4 million Swiss people, and Romansh is spoken in parts of eastern Switzerland.

Finally, the pavilion's excellent restaurant should be noted.

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