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Peru - Expo Vancouver 1986

Peru at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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The Peruvian pavilion presents the most comprehensive collection of precious gold objects ever presented outside the country. This collection of over 300 objects, which illustrates the cultural history of the country and comes from the Museo de Oro del Peru, includes weapons, musical instruments, religious objects and surgical instruments as well as the gold-encrusted iron sword of the conquistador Pizarre.

Peru's transport and communications have a long history. The Incas built the most important road network in the world after the Romans. This network of 3,600 kilometres linked central Chile and northern Argentina to Ecuador and Colombia.

The chasquis, messengers who lived along the Inca roads, delivered coded messages using quipous, coloured and knotted strings that were used to count and store certain information. It was an indispensable tool for recording the tribute due to the Inca chiefs.

Both Peru and Canada are located on the Pacific Ocean.

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