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Youngsters from 7 to 77 years old will be delighted to climb in the nets, crawl through the sea of balls or the winding tunnels, box bags. More than 20 original games await them under the roof of the playground.

It is located directly under the Cambie Bridge and is surrounded by trees. Eric McMillan Inc, one of North America's most renowned playground designers, created and operates this area. While the playground is ideal for children aged two to fourteen, parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to enjoy the playground as well, as it is not a daycare facility.

A one-hour visit costs $2.50. More than 1100 children can have fun at the same time in this magical realm of balance beams, dancing relief shadows, moss swamps and air fountains. With approximately 22,260 children expected to visit EXPO 86 each day, there is no doubt about the popularity of this wonderful playground.

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