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Hungary - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The Hungarian People's Republic was originally an independent kingdom founded in 1001. Today it has a population of 10.7 million and covers an area of 93,012 square kilometres in Central Europe. It is bordered by Czechoslovakia to the north, the USSR to the northeast, Romania to the east, Yugoslavia to the south and Austria to the west.

The competence of the Hungarian People's Republic in public transport is recognised worldwide. Ikarus, the best-selling bus in Europe, is used in Africa, South America, several American cities and the Canadian capital, Ottawa.

Thanks to the Danube, Hungary has a regular maritime trade between Budapest and the ports of the Middle East. Hungary is becoming more and more important
on the international export market for all types of industry. For example, agreements have been signed in Canada for the distribution in North America of computerised programmes for air traffic coordination.

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