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Hong Kong

Hong Kong at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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The Hong Kong pavilion is surrounded by bamboo scaffolding that allows craftsmen to change the appearance of the pavilion throughout the Exhibition. This singular activity symbolises the spirit of change and renewal that has characterised Hong Kong's growth since its foundation.

The pavilion's theme of "silk and silicon" illustrates Hong Kong's history as a trading port and a hub of Far Eastern industry, finance and communications.

In a nine-minute performance, a group of 18 actors recreate, through song, dance and mime, the hectic activity of a day spent in the shadow of Hong Kong's skyscrapers.

Hong Kong has a population of five and a half million and eighty percent of them use public transport. The metro, which one and a half million people use every day, covers 37 kilometres. Four million use double-decker buses and trams and the rest use the world's largest ferry service.

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