Great Britain - Expo Vancouver 1986

Great Britain at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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The British pavilion reflects Britain's leadership in transport and communications and is dedicated to the technology of today and tomorrow.

The first exhibition area features the latest models of personal transport from bicycles and scooters to the ultimate refinement of the 100,000th Rolls-Royce.

In the National Transport area, the HST high-speed train, which can reach 200 kilometres per hour without the need for special tracks, demonstrates the efficiency and innovation of British manufacturers, who also have hovercrafts, airships and aircraft designed for short distances.

The international transport area is reserved for jet freighters such as the Shorts 330 and the Skyvan, in-flight refuelling aircraft such as the BAC 146, the Airbus and the Concorde.

In another area, sailboats, go-karts, hang-gliders and sand yachts also reflect the festive spirit of Britain.

The Frontier Movers area focuses on technologies of the present and future, from submarines that map the ocean floor to vertical take-off and landing jets. Britain is also proud to be the first country to successfully launch an electromagnetically levitated train in regular service.
A display shows the world's fastest car, Thrust II, which held the world speed record in 1986.

A traditional English restaurant with a décor inspired by the Norfolk town of Kings Lynn, the birthplace of Captain George Vancouver. The traditional and sacrosanct five o'clock tea will be served.

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