1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication - Vancouver - Expo'86

Transport and Communication

May 2, 1986 - October 13, 1986

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France at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986

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From the world's fastest train to the supersonic Concorde, the French pavilion showcases the many achievements in transportation. Visitors enter the pavilion aboard the SK train, which was designed by the French company Soulé and is being presented for the first time in North America.

The imaginary and the real rub shoulders, for while there is a reconstructed metro station and the extravagant, futuristic means of transport imagined by Jules Verne, there are also the means of transport of tomorrow.

An animated model of the Gare de Lyon in Paris shows advanced means of public transport, such as the Aramis, and a new tramway.

There is also a life-size replica of the elegant TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse), which reaches speeds of over 260 kilometres per hour and is seen hurtling along in the film OMNIMAX at the Expo Centre.

Visitors cross the Paris airport to attend an audio-visual presentation on the French aeronautics and space programme. In addition to the Airbus medium-haul aircraft and the Falcon business jet, France produces the Dauphin and Puma helicopters and the Ariane satellite rocket.
In the Air France lounge, you can take part in a game and perhaps win a trip overseas.

The French pavilion focuses on other aspects of transport, such as energy saving, anti-pollution equipment and efficiency. It also showcases recent advances in air, maritime and road safety, including France's maritime surveillance, accident prevention and coastal rescue system.

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