Federal Republic of Germany - Expo Vancouver 1986

Federal Republic of Germany at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Jerrye & Roy Klotz MD

The theme of the Expo "World on the Move - World in Contact" symbolises the history and daily life of the people of the Federal Republic of Germany. Located in the heart of Europe, this densely populated country is a pioneer and leader in transport and communications.

Entitled "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", the exhibition in the pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany focuses on technological masterpieces, traditions and the people who will use this technology in the next century.

The pavilion demonstrates aviation and space technology with state-of-the-art gliders, helicopters, small passenger vehicles, the Airbus A 310, the European carrier rocket Ariane, the COLUMBUS space station project and a satellite receiving station.

The companies' exhibits are integrated into a "scientific landscape", the backdrop of which is a large screen called the "Telewall", onto which images are projected that take the visitor step by step through Germany in motion. The highlight of this journey is a multi-media production that describes Germany as a country where the new generation is contributing to the progress of technology and communication.

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