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Republic of Korea - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The Republic of Korea pavilion deals with the country's cultural traditions and its growing role in the Asian economy. With its graphics and traditional portico, it recreates the atmosphere of a Korean town square. The interior reflects the country's rich past and features the voluminous Emile Bell as a symbol of communications.

To illustrate the forward-looking research, development and synchronisation of transport and communication technology, the pavilion features models, objects and photographs relating to semiconductors, land use, car manufacturing and shipbuilding.

The fascinating history of Korean transportation is beautifully illustrated by the Turtle Ship. This 16th century ship from the Yi Dynasty was the first to be clad in iron and was adorned with a turtle head containing a sulphur-fuelled device that created a smoke screen.

The Republic of Korea, host of the 1988 Summer Olympics, will present the Olympic Plaza, where a photographic retrospective of the Olympic Games and a model of the facilities planned for Seoul are on display. Traditional sports will be evoked with the help of dolls and video images.

The Republic of Korea pavilion has a tourist information centre, a 200-seat theatre with traditional dances and a restaurant where visitors can taste the country's specialities.

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