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BCTV - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The British Columbia Television pavilion has a newsroom, studio and control room where four hours of programming are produced during EXPO 86, including the daily News Hour with Tony Parsons and the Noon News Hour, the weekend News Hour with Pamela Martin, the Saturday night lottery draw, and "Expo Invites the World" on Sunday. All these programmes will be broadcast live from the pavilion.

There will be satellite communications demonstrations and tours of the studio and newsroom.

See the presenters, reporters, directors, editors and artists at work and take advantage of the question and answer periods to ask them about their work.

A scale model of a Hermes satellite is also on display in the pavilion.

B.C.TV.'s signal is transmitted throughout British Columbia by a network of 100 relay stations and can be received anywhere in North America.

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