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Great Hall Ramses II - Expo Vancouver 1986

Great Hall Ramses II at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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Black eyes with kohl-make-up lids stare ahead with the serenity of three-thousand-year-old wisdom. Rich jewels of gold and lapis lazuli evoke the memory of forgotten beauties. Graceful fishes move on a turquoise enamel background, reflections of a civilisation bordering the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Ramses II, the third king of the 19th Egyptian dynasty, left a rich and fascinating record of his life, times and works. The Great Hall of Ramses II introduces us to one of the most influential kings of all time. From monumental statues to limestone figurines representing workers, from the first hydraulic clock to a Senet game made of ivory and ebony, more than 80 priceless objects bring to life the world of this great pharaoh and his subjects.

As you approach the Great Hall of Rameses II, a corner of the earth seems to have lifted to reveal the treasures of the exhibition. The shape of the pavilion is reminiscent of the famous stone temple built by Ramses II at Abu Simbel.
Welcome to the world of Ramses the Great. Visitors are irresistibly drawn to the gold, alabaster and treasures of Ramses II and his time.

This wonderful collection is usually housed in the Cairo Museum in Egypt. Admission is free and included in the Exhibition ticket.

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