California - Expo Vancouver 1986

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At the entrance to the pavilion, a high-tech light sculpture illustrates the theme "California: Creating the Future". The highlight of the pavilion is a tall, thematic tower that symbolises California's leading role as a disseminator of innovation to the world. The tower includes four exhibits dedicated to four areas of California creativity.

The first exhibit is dedicated to geothermal energy capture and conversion to electricity; the second to space science, featuring the space telescope that will be placed in orbit during EXPO 86. The third and fourth exhibits will describe California's advances in film technology and automotive design.

The rest of the pavilion is devoted to the sometimes unexpected applications of these technologies in areas where California plays a leading role: transportation research and design, and aerospace and computer activities. The tour ends in style, thanks to the magic of Hollywood, with a flying saucer tour of the natural splendours of this great state.

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