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Washington - Expo Vancouver 1986

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Multicoloured banners that draw the eye to a cylindrical portal made up of a series of polished rings illuminated by neon lights - that is the Washington State pavilion!

The visitor then enters the sidereal chamber, whose darkness is populated by galaxies created by optical fibres.

Visitors learn about the past, present and future history of Washington State through the various exhibits.

The visitor leaves the atmosphere of space and takes a conveyor belt for a seven-minute journey through Washington State. A spectacular multimedia panorama is projected onto a 38-metre seamless screen.

After leaving behind the "Northwest Passage of Washington State", the visitor proceeds to the "Discovery Square" where interactive video screens inform about the state.

In the gift shop, visitors can purchase, among other things, glass objects from Mount St. Helens. On the way out, visitors walk through a beautiful flowery square where they can admire hemlock trees and rhododendrons, the state's floral and woodland emblems. Washington State is the largest producer of jet aircraft in the United States.

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