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General Motors - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The General Motors pavilion is a white metal prism. The building is covered and rises 30 metres above a reinforced tubular frame.

Inside, spiral ramps lead to a unique theatre that presents an exciting production made especially for this building. The GM pavilion uses a variety of media, not to mention the theatre, where anything can happen.

The pavilion covers 2,000 square metres, to which must be added a 400 square metre square with a landscaped garden on the northern side. The exhibition level is open on all sides, giving the visitor an unrestricted view.

Founded in 1908, GM is currently the world's largest employer. Approximately 800,000 people are engaged in the production of some of the world's finest vehicles. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, General Motors today is on the path to a revolutionary future and GM is developing new manufacturing processes, not only for automobiles, but also for commercial vehicles.

General Motors is proud of its wide range of products and is pleased to be the official transportation equipment supplier to EXPO86.

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