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Spain - Expo Vancouver 1986

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The Spanish pavilion in Europe Square reflects the exciting history of this seafaring country, which owes its early glory to the intrepidness of the great navigators.

In North America, there are hundreds of places that recall the passage of the great Spanish explorers such as Galiano and Cortes in British Columbia.

However, Spain's contribution to the history of transport and communications is not limited to the exploits of these explorers. Spain had already developed a very efficient postal service in the City of Madrid. The Moorish conquerors took full advantage of the road network built by the Romans to move their troops and used carrier pigeons for their regular postal service.

Today, the Spanish aerospace industry has developed a short take-off and landing aircraft that is used in the deserts of North Africa, in the Arctic zone of Alaska and in the equatorial jungles of Gabon.

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