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Brunei at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
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Brunei Darussalam is a Malay Islamic sultanate covering 5,765 square kilometres on the northwest coast of Borneo. Belonging to one of the world's oldest royal families, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzadin Wad-daulah, its head of state, is the 29th in an unbroken line of rulers.

The 200,000 inhabitants of Brunei Darussalam enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. The average annual income of US$17,000 per person is derived from the country's vast oil and gas wealth. There is no income tax in Brunei and education and medical care are free.

Some Chinese documents dating back to the 16th century already mention the existence of Brunei Darussalam. Once a powerful empire with vast territories, Brunei Darussalam served early on as a trading centre for the region. It was therefore not long before the state realised the value of sophisticated means of transport and communication.

Part of the city bears witness to the origins of Brunei Darussalam with its floating houses. Over the centuries, a water taxi service was organised to enable the inhabitants of these houses to travel to the mainland. The pavilion of . Brunei Darussalam pavilion brings together this maritime transport system with modern means of transport and communication. This exhibition reflects the charm of a life that has remained traditional despite material affluence.

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