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Prince Edward Island - Expo Vancouver 1986

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Known as the "Million Acre Farm", Prince Edward Island shines like a lighthouse in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, just 28 kilometres from the coasts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Prince Edward Island, the smallest of Canada's ten provinces, has the highest population density and lives on agriculture, fishing and tourism. The province boasts the birthplace of author Lucy Maud Montgomery, whose story Anne of Green Gables put the island on the world map.

Throughout its history, Prince Edward Island has faced serious transportation problems. The islanders remained isolated for a long time before the creation of a rail ferry service at the end of the last century. Both Prince Edward Island and British Columbia played a key role in the development of Canadian transportation by making the construction of a transcontinental railway a condition of their entry into Confederation.

Visitors to the pavilion are greeted by the familiar sounds of the island: ferry sirens, seagulls calling, farm machinery and mooing. The pavilion's glass entrance depicts the Atlantic Ocean.

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