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General view - Expo Vancouver 1986

General view at the Exhibition Expo Vancouver 1986
© Gothphil

The Purple Zone starts outside the EXP086 grounds with the Via Rail exhibition in the beautiful old station at the corner of Main and Terminal Streets. The East Bus Terminal is located between this station and the East Gate.

The East Gate is recognizable by the large neon-lit EXPO 86 logo, giant metal hoop, banners, flowers and flags. Visitors pass through the covered turnstiles into the East Gate Plaza where they are greeted by Expo Ernie.
In the Expo Centre bandstand, professional and amateur bands play a variety of lively music.

But it is the Expo Centre that is immediately noticeable. This futuristic sphere takes the visitor on a journey of discovery into the transport and communications of the future.

The Purple Zone, which runs north-south, arcs around the end of False Creek. To the south of the Expo Centre, the Yukon pavilion expresses the magnetism of the North with its open-air theatre with an entrance reminiscent of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Nearby, at the People's Republic of China pavilion, visitors can learn about the people and customs of a country that is so traditional yet so changing.

On the other side of the walkway, a huge granite Inukshuk statue invites visitors to discover the charms of the Northwest Territories pavilion.
Folklife Square, southwest of the Purple Zone, is easily recognizable by its boardwalks, cedar buildings and roaring fire of activity.

Souvenirs, restaurants, a first aid station and a range of visitor services occupy the area north of the Expo Centre.

The Monorail, the Canadian Pacific Airlines East Gondola and the False Creek Ferry serve the Purple Zone.

The Monorail's East Gate station is at the north end of the zone and the cable car's East Gate station is near the Folklife Plaza. Passengers get off near the Pavilion of Hope in the Red Zone. The ferry dock is located north of the Northwest Territories Pavilion.

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