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Via Rail - Expo Vancouver 1986

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150 years ago, the Dorchester, Canada's first locomotive, made history by running from Laprairie to Saint-Jean-Sur-Riche-lieu in Quebec. 100 years ago, the first transcontinental train arrived in Vancouver. In 1986, Canada commemorates these and other significant events in rail history.

The Via Rail station houses the Via Rail exhibit. This recently renovated Vancouver heritage building is located across from the East Gate on Main Street. The exhibition, which occupies 11,000 square metres, focuses on Canada's passenger trains from their earliest days.

Two reproductions of vintage trains that visitors can ride and the modern LRC train illustrate the evolution of rail travel.

The transportation of immigrants to the Prairies during the colonial era, the golden age of passenger trains between the wars, and the streamlined transcontinental locomotives of the post-war period highlight the importance of railways in Canada.
A film gives a glimpse of what the future holds for rail travellers.

July 21, Railway History Day, commemorates the 150th anniversary of the first rail journey in Canada.

The Via Rail exhibition is part of the anniversary celebrations taking place across Canada, which include several historical re-enactments.

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